I am developing an app which needs 3 constants.  The value of these
constants comes from a database result.

This works fine.  My problem is that they do not work very well.  I am
developing on both windows/Linux (depending what I boot into).

This is the effect I want

$doc_dir = the string of d:/is/clients/client/web/store/
$image_dir = the string of d:/is/clients/client/web/images/
$control_dir = the string of d:/is/clients/client/web/control/ 


The outcome is that 

1.      I cannot submit pages using action="<? echo CONTROL_DOC_ROOT
2.      I cannot use links as <a href="<? echo $DOC_HOME_ROOT ?>">click

Has anyone had a lot of use with define and in my scenario.  I don't the
problem is with the db results, I think it's more of the define().

Like I said above, I am using this on linux as well as windows.

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