Thanks for reply.

I haven't moved this into production yet, the d:/is/.... was just for
testing as well as because when I use /client_name, the links do not

I will to use the variable names instead of the define and see where
this gets me.

Just to note, I tried 

define(IMG_HOME_ROOT, "/client_name/web/images/");

and it didn't work

What would be the difference between using that and

$img_dir = "/client_name/web/images/";

---> Jonathan

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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Define()

The reason it doesn't work may go beyond PHP. You are trying to make an
point to an exact location on your hard drive. When the user of your web
page clicks the link, they do not have that location on their system so
will fail. Always use relative locations for links. Then once you get
ironed out, skip the defines, just use the variables. Change the code to


$doc_dir = "/store/";

$image_dir = "/images/";

$control_dir = "/control/";

"<?php echo $control_dir ?>"verify_login.php"

<a href="<?php echo $doc_dir ?>">click here</a>


and don't forget the 'php' after the <?


Jim Hunter


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Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 10:51:04 AM


Subject: [PHP-DB] Define()


I am developing an app which needs 3 constants. The value of these

constants comes from a database result.

This works fine. My problem is that they do not work very well. I am

developing on both windows/Linux (depending what I boot into).

This is the effect I want

$doc_dir = the string of d:/is/clients/client/web/store/

$image_dir = the string of d:/is/clients/client/web/images/

$control_dir = the string of d:/is/clients/client/web/control/ 




The outcome is that 

1. I cannot submit pages using action="<? echo CONTROL_DOC_ROOT


2. I cannot use links as <a href="<? echo $DOC_HOME_ROOT ?>">click


Has anyone had a lot of use with define and in my scenario. I don't the

problem is with the db results, I think it's more of the define().

Like I said above, I am using this on linux as well as windows.


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Open Source resources into my everyday

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