The standard relational way is a relationship table:

FK_parentID (parent)
FK_childrenID (child)
PRIMARY KEY ( FK_parentID, FK_childrenID )

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> Hello,
> I started to use PHP with MySQL last december.
> Personal use: list of inhabitants of a town in the 15th century
> Problem is the following: one person has an arbitrary number of children.
> It is heavy to have fields child1,child2,child3,...,childn containing the
> number of each child especially if the number of children is variable.
> When I played with Commodore VIC20 I used to put pointers to records in a
> string in the form pointer1,pointer2,...,pointern in a string.
> I think of using explode and implode to put all the record numbers of the
> children in one varchar field.
> If someone have a better idea?
> --
> Alain Barthélemy
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