I have actually discovered that the $td value is blank.  The reason
appears to be that the page is reloading when a button is pushed, and that
is when the $td value is being lost.  My question now is, how do I keep the
$td value after the page is reloaded?  I would rather keep the value from
the original query than perform another database query to populate this
value yet again.  Thanks yet again for the help.

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> > I am stumbling across something that I thought I have done before,
> > and I am not having any luck finding an example of this.  Basically, I
> > wanting to timestamp the date and time into new entries in a simple
> database
> > table.  The following section is the actual code for this, and I cannot
> > figure out how to get the date/time stamp to populate into the database.
> > Thanks in advance for the help.  I suspect this is a very simple fix.
> >
> > $denylog = "INSERT INTO deny (account, td, date) VALUES ($tmp, $td,
> NOW())";
> > $denylog_result = mysql_query($denylog, $Prod) or die(mysql_error());
> The error I am receiving is:
> You have an error in your SQL syntax near ' NOW())' at line 1

Are you sure $td has a value? If it's blank, you'd get an error like that.

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