OK.  I guess the next question would be what is the best option for
performance?  This portion of the app currently doesn't have any session
functionality built in.  I would be setting up the session for this sole
purpose.  I haven't worked with cookies yet.  I suppose the URL method might
work, I have just never like it because I think it looks unclean, just
personal preference there.
        As to the $td question...  This is a variable that holds the userid
of the "Technical Director" who is the account approver.  This portion of
the app is simply an approval mechanism to an account request system that I
am developing.  The "TD" receives an e-mail with a link back to the approval
page to approve the requested accounts.  This approval then fires off an
e-mail to the SA responsible for user accounts to inform him to create the
newly approved account.
        Well, thanks again for the feedback.  Hopefully I can get this going
pretty quick.  We are currently planning on rolling this app out to our user
community on Monday.  This is the last issue I have that I am aware of.

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> I have actually discovered that the $td value is blank.  The reason
> appears to be that the page is reloading when a button is pushed, and that
> is when the $td value is being lost.  My question now is, how do I keep
> $td value after the page is reloaded?  I would rather keep the value from
> the original query than perform another database query to populate this
> value yet again.  Thanks yet again for the help.

Stick it in the session? cookie? URL? What is $td?

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