>       I am now getting a completely different error that I cannot
> out how it is related.  I have passed the $td variable into the
> and
> then get it back as a POST variable from a hidden field within the
> function.
> Here is the error I am now seeing;
> Unknown column 'sn4265' in 'field list'
>       This one is really throwing me at the moment as the only place
> value sn4265 is stored is in the $sbcuid variable.  This $sbcuid
> is
> not a part of the INSERT that I am performing which I think is
> this error.  I am guessing that you guys will need more info to help
> with this now.  Just let me know what you want.  Thanks again.

Well, if $sbcuid isn't being used, something with its value is. What
does the query look like? Common sense would say that if you're having
trouble with a query, you'd at least post that bit of code, right?

---John W. Holmes...

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