Hi, following my earlier post

My input file from form in eg upload.html was not detected in the upload.php (handler)

The example can be seen in http://www.busybees.com.my/tryout/upload.html

I tried uploading using the <input type=file name=userfile>

which is supposed to be captured by the php as $userfile (as far as I know) but 
whenever I put 

if($userfile) it fails. BUT $userfile_name is able to  display the filename . 

With print_f($HTTP_POST_VARS) also the userfile was not displayed, only other input 
element which is Maximum file size is displayed 

My register_globals is 'on' as you can see if you try the example in the above url. I 
have given the phpinfo() in upload.php

I can handle all other data from forms except files.

Please help
THank you

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