on 05/30/2003 9:16 AM, Dewi Wahyuni at [EMAIL PROTECTED] appended the following
bits to my mbox:

> if($userfile) it fails. BUT $userfile_name is able to  display the filename .
> With print_f($HTTP_POST_VARS) also the userfile was not displayed, only other
> input element which is Maximum file size is displayed

Hi Dewi,

I think you posted to the wrong list.  You should probably be posting to

Have you read through the manual page and all of the comments yet?


Some tips:

- If you are using PHP 4.1 or above, you should probably be looking at the
$_FILES array.

- You must add an encoding type to the form -> enctype="multipart/form-data"



Paul Burney


// the statement formerly known as prince
if ($the_elevator == 'tries to bring you down') {
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