no prob

i think its not the best solution, because its a workaround the
as i said it would be better to access the data directly and without any
functions or complicated classes. this structure is for very complex systems
whose code may change very often. so the highest standard of scaleability is
needed and the code must be very modular. in this case (its only a
news-module) you do not need such a professional and therefore complicated
structure. it is enough to formulate a  simple query and give the news out
with a while-loop.

maybe this is only my personal opinion. i do not want to critisize your code
- but adding this workaround crushes the whole modularity because it is very
specialized on your environement. may be this produces headache if you want
to update your code later on? (this is something that happens to me all the
time with code which is veeery old comeing from times where i didn't thought
of the future :)

well - it works - what more?



> It worked. Thanx!
> Why is this a bad solution? Will it slow down the feed?
> Regards,
> A. Lyse

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