The second two sites are almost definitely Nuke jobs.  You could take a glimpse
at the code and you'd know right away.

If you want some good nuke theme sites, check for resources, or do a
Google search.  One of my favourites (from when I had to use nuke for a project)

I won't "burn" you this time, but try to make sure your future posts to this
list are actually related to database stuff.  Thanks.

Edward Dudlik
Becoming Digital

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From: "Steve B." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Wednesday, 11 June, 2003 17:44
Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP web templates?

Hi I'm working on the site
I really like these sites style of table cells and borders etc...

I've seen PHP nuke templates and am thinking that is what these sites are?

Does anyone have a favorite open source template spot?
I'd like a nice metal look like those sites.
In the past I took graphics from php nuke free site and make my own
tablecell.php that prints nice boxes.
That is in use at if you wonder what I'm talking

Please don't burn me I'm newb and have little art skill but decent photoshop

Any help, links is much appreciated thanks!

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