Thanks Mike,
I downloaded and implemented that program to see how it works, but my
Affiliate Program will do so much more than that...  and is more
complicated....  i know what to do... just have a little concern about not
paying Affiliates what they deserve...  I don't want to under pay or over
pay them...  just thought that i can't really think as good as many of
you...  so if you think there is a better way of tracking who gets what
credit, please let me know....  as of right now, i am tracking them the
way i told you....  Aff_id and Client_ip.....
Thanks anyway..

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, mike karthauser wrote:

> on 24/6/03 4:59 pm, Kieu D. Trang at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Have anyone ever done anything similar and have other suggestions?  I am
> > working on it, but is still looking for better ways of doing it...  thanks
> > in advance..
> You want to look on sourceforge for a project called php affiliate. I think
> that should save you some time ;-)
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