Now I am not an Apache guru, and my PHP/MySQL experience is all based 
around the coding side, not the instilation, security etc...

So when I arrived at work yesterday, and discovered that several databases 
had been deleted, and a random database called 'sanij' has been created, 
My gut was to suspect hackers.
None of my web site pages are unaffected, and the web site runs just fine, 
apart from those pages that need a MySQL database for content.

This morning I come to work and ALL the databases have been deleted.
As I said, I really don't know where to begin looking for evidence of 
While I'm curious to know who did this, I guess my priority os to recover 
the lost data... is this possible...?

I'm working off a RAQ4, hosted by NetBenefit...

Any advise, ideas are gonna be apperciated at this point.
I've got backups of alot of the databases, but several were created in the 
past few weeks, and I didn't back them up yet...
I know I know... stupid man I am, but I'll slap myself later, for now... a 
solution is required....



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