Ok. Special thanks to Robert Twitty for the answer. I started using the TEXT
datatype to achieve long texts of data. However, PHP.INI is configured by
default to limit TEXT datatype retrievals to 4K. Change the mssql.textlimit
in the INI file to suit your purposes, and use the TEXT datatype.


"Shaun Bentley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
>     I am currently trying to use PHP and MSSQL together but I am having a
> few problems.
> I can enter data into the Db OK, but when pulling the data back to display
> on the page, the string cuts to around 250 chars. The Db field is VarChar
> 6000 and I can see the whole data in the field.
> I have tried pulling the data out as object, array & row but always lose
> end.
> Any help please!
> Shaun

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