I know what you're going through here. In MS SQL you can define a VARCHAR up
to about 8000 characters, but your PHP mssql_query command only returns 255
(0 - 254) characters. I then tried using the TEXT datatype. TEXT datatype in
MS SQL allows somewhere around 2 billion characters. However, the PHP
mssql_query command only returns 4096 characters every time. This appear to
be a limitation of the PHP MSSQL commands.

"Shaun Bentley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
>     I am currently trying to use PHP and MSSQL together but I am having a
> few problems.
> I can enter data into the Db OK, but when pulling the data back to display
> on the page, the string cuts to around 250 chars. The Db field is VarChar
> 6000 and I can see the whole data in the field.
> I have tried pulling the data out as object, array & row but always lose
> end.
> Any help please!
> Shaun

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