Why is it important that you "recycle" old PINs? This is most likely eating
up the most time in your script execution.

My suggestion would be to either 

A) just keep creating a new one and ignore ones when a child leaves or 

B) create a 2nd, much smaller table "available_pins" and when a child
leaves, insert their former PIN into this table. Then upon executing the new
student script, you check the available_pin table for rows > 0. If so, use
the first one. If not, give them a new one.

Good luck.


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I do have an auto_increment for the record id.  But that is just a way for
to uniquely id the record.  Student numbers, barcodes, etc can change.

The reason I am using the do/while loop is:   Every student is getting a 
4digit pin for library, cafeteria and network access.  It has to be unique 
and we have been assigning a different range of numbers per building/grade.

There are various procedural reasons for this.  I have verified that I am 
identifying the new student correctly and going into the do/while loop with
variable that holds the correct starting number for the appropriate pin 
range.  It's then just a matter of trying consecutive numbers till I find an

available pin.  The pin may be available because a student left the school
because it's next available at the end of the line.

Anyway, I was not aware I could pick and choose my ranges in an

I appreciate any thoughts you may have.  Thanks.

On Monday 11 August 2003 02:41 pm, you wrote:
> Why don't you use an AUTO_INCREMENT field in your table to define a 
> unique number?
> Ben
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> I had a do while loop such as
> do {
>       mysql_query ($qupdate, $link);
>       $rslterror=mysql_error($link);
>       $number++
> } while ($rslterror!=null);
> Anyway, I fixed my dumb mistake.  If anyone would like to help me with 
> a better one, maybe you can tell me if I am doing my do while 
> correctly. It's only running through once, not getting a succesful 
> insert  and dropping out.
> Thanks


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