OK, I'll apologize in advance if this is a little off topic, but I think
it'll be close enough.

I have a form (searchform.php) that collects data for a search (e.g.,
firstname, lastname). That form submits to a separate PHP script
(search.php) that queries a database to find matching rows and returns the
information in an array ($results).

All pretty standard stuff and it all works.

I know I "while()" the information in the resulting array ($results) to draw
a table showing all of the results. But what that would require is the form
(searchform.php) to collect the data and submit to the search.php script
where HTML and PHP code combine in one file to perform the query and draw
the results. I know how to do this and have done it in the past.

However, this instance has a wrinkle to it. When the searchform.php form
submits to search.php, I want to perform the query, but return the user (and
the $results array) to searchform.php to display the results.

I want to stress that I can get the information from the database with no
problem. I'm just stuck on how to get the results back to the page that
called the search.php script in the first place.

Is turning search.php into a function and "return"-ing the results the only
way to accomplish this? Because the only other idea I can come up with is
using a header("Location:http://searchform.php?rs=$results";); statement and
that doesn't seem to work (and logically, I can see why).

I'm not asking for a total solution here because I can handle the whole
solution myself. However I would appreciate a bump in the right direction in
regards to how to architect the application logic.

Thanks in advance,

Rich Hutchins

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