On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 11:39, Jason Wong wrote:

> > $upload=ftp_put($conn_id,$bild,$dstdir."/".$bild,FTP_BINARY);
> >
> > [/code]
> 1) You've got your source-file and destination-file mixed up.
> 2) You've already chdir into 'html' so destination-file so be just '$bild' and 
> not '$dstdir."/".$bild'. Unless your directory structure really is 
> 'html/html/'

actual I have the following script.
I want to upload a image from the local pc into the subdir html of a
webspace. The file I want to upload is not stored in the

This is my actual script


 echo "Current directory : ", ftp_pwd($conn_id), "\n";
 echo "Current directory is now : ", ftp_pwd($conn_id), "\n";
 echo "<br>Bilddatei   ";
 echo $bild;

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