On Monday 06 October 2003 16:48, Ruprecht Helms wrote:

> I want that (B) can locate the file on (A) and upload it to the
> subdirectory on (B). This should also be possible in the case the user
> have no ftp-server on his local pc.

If (A) does not have an ftp server installed then you're asking for the 

> Why I want try it without the standart FTP client. The script is part of
> a portal and because of comfortreasons and securityreasons I want the
> upload and the entry in a database act with php on (B).

The only standard way in which a website, ie (B), can get a file from a web 
browser, ie (A), is through HTTP upload.

> (B) has a ftpserver included.
> If the way over ftp is the wrong way, you can also tell me how to do
> this with the normay copy-command.

(B) which is running the script is in effect the ftp client, it needs to be 
able to connect to an ftp server. COnnecting to itself isn't very useful. In 
other words you need an ftp server on (A).

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