> Let me get this straight:
> You're trying to transfer a file from a local PC (A) to a server (B). And your 
> code is running on (B)?
> If so, then, (assuming you have things setup correctly, ie have an ftpserver 
> running on (A)), you should be using ftp_get() or similar.

> If not, could you describe *exactly* what you're trying to do and explain why 
> you're not using a standard FTP client on the local pc to transfer the file 
> to the remote pc.

I want that (B) can locate the file on (A) and upload it to the
subdirectory on (B). This should also be possible in the case the user
have no ftp-server on his local pc.

Why I want try it without the standart FTP client. The script is part of
a portal and because of comfortreasons and securityreasons I want the
upload and the entry in a database act with php on (B).

(B) has a ftpserver included.
If the way over ftp is the wrong way, you can also tell me how to do
this with the normay copy-command.


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