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> I figured it out! The register_globals is turned
> off. To parse the id with this parameter off, I
> just need to judge whether $_GET["id"] is set or not. The problem is that I
> wrote the SQL statement as:
> $SQLstr="SELECT * FROM employees WHERE id=$_GET["id"]";
> That's a wrong one. To solve this, I do the
> following (a naive one):
> $tid=$_GET["id"];
> $SQLstr="SELECT * FROM employees WHERE id=$tid";
> And it's OK.

You can do something like:

  $SQLstr="SELECT * FROM employees WHERE id={$_GET['id']}";

But for security you should always check the integrity of any input that you 
receive from the user.

For example, in this case you should verify that $_GET['id'] is indeed an 
integer and nothing else.

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