Chris, et al --

...and then Chris Boget said...
% > % Actually, mysql_fetch_assoc() will do quite nicely.
% > Really?  How?  I must be quite confused.
% No, actually, I am the one who's confused.  I misread the OP's email such
% that *_assoc() would do the job.

*whew*  Glad to hear that -- you actually had me reading and rereading
the manual pages to try to figure out where my confusion lay!

% My bad.
% If MySQL had crosstab functionality, that *might* be able to help.

I'll take your word for it; I don't know what crosstab is or gets me :-)

% But I still stand by my assertion that *_assoc() is better than *_array() in 
% almost all circumstances.

OK.  I still want to know whether I can trust the manual and believe that
the measure if that "betterness" is so small as to almost be theoretical
or must instead see how I've been led down the primrose path.

% Chris

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