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> > From: "Chris Boget" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > > My bad.
> > > If MySQL had crosstab functionality, that *might* be able to help.
> > A "crosstab" is just a specifically formatted query, of which MySQL is
> > certainly capable of handling. I've done them in the past, but maybe
> > thinking of something more complex. Either way, not sure it would help
or be
> > worth it for this (dead) issue. :)
> Then I'm not calling it the right thing... just the name of the type of
query that
> was told.  The kind of query I'm talking about is the one that rotates the
> set from tall to wide.  Basically doing exactly what the OP had asked for.
> that kind of query isn't called a 'crosstab' query, I'm not sure what the
name is.
> I know that mysql doesn't support it but PG does (I'm just starting to
learn PG).

I see. I've always heard it referred to as a "pivot table", or something
along those lines.

Great crosstab article/story:

---John Holmes...

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