> From: "Chris Boget" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > My bad.
> > If MySQL had crosstab functionality, that *might* be able to help.
> A "crosstab" is just a specifically formatted query, of which MySQL is
> certainly capable of handling. I've done them in the past, but maybe you're
> thinking of something more complex. Either way, not sure it would help or be
> worth it for this (dead) issue. :)

Then I'm not calling it the right thing... just the name of the type of query that
was told.  The kind of query I'm talking about is the one that rotates the result
set from tall to wide.  Basically doing exactly what the OP had asked for.  If
that kind of query isn't called a 'crosstab' query, I'm not sure what the name is.
I know that mysql doesn't support it but PG does (I'm just starting to learn PG).


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