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...and then Chris Boget said...
% > than maybe making my script run a little more slowly, I fail to see how
% > mysql_fetch_array() is a bad thing. From what I can see, all it does is give
% > me an additional numerically indexed reference to the data in my result set
% foreach(); list(); each();
% None are good ideas when iterating through an array generated by *_array().

Ahhh...  The light begins to dawn.

I only ever use

  while ( $row = fetch )

to go through my rows and then directly handle the fields I pull out, but
I can see that one might loop across $row and for that you need only the
indices that matter.  [Actually, maybe I'm just too new at this, but I
can't think of a practical example for which I would loop over $row...
Care to help me out?]

% And I'd hazard to guess that one of the most significant uses of any query is
% to iterate through it's result set.

Well, I typically do loop over the result set but typically don't loop
over the fields in each record, so I don't know that I can agree with the
weight you put on that.  But at least I see why I could care :-)

% Chris

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