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% > can't think of a practical example for which I would loop over $row...
% > Care to help me out?]
% How about a dynamic query where you do not know the number of columns

Hmmm...  I suppose so, but I can't picture it.  Shouldn't you always know
the DB schema and format of what you're going to get back?  I can see not
knowing how many RECORDS you'll get back but I should think you would
know how many FIELDS will be in each.

Or maybe I'm just being too compulsive :-)

% that'll be returned? You would not want to use _array() as you'll have the
% duplicates to worry about / skip over. using _row() or _assoc() and just
% looping through that will suffice.

Oh, I can see that.  It's the first half that still gets me.

% ---John Holmes...

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