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> CPT John W. Holmes wrote:
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> >
> >>I am selecting a field in a database called description for keyword
> >>searching.  The field contains names of people, states, years, etc.
> >>someone searches for say "holmes north carolina" the query searches for
> >>exactly that, fields which have "holmes north carolina", and not fields
> >>that contaim holmes, north, and carolina.  So I run a str_replace to
> >>replace all spaces with *, which turns it into "holmes*north*carolina",
> >>but say that north carolina is before holmes in the field, it won't
> >>those fields (it only returns fields in which holmes is infront of north
> >>carolina).  So how can I have it return all fields which contain all
> >>the words holmes, north, and carolina in any order, in that field?
> >
> > Are you doing a fulltext search or just matching a word in a lookup
> I'm doing a fulltext search.

What is your query? Assuming MySQL, I get a result like this:

mysql> select * from test where match(t) against ('holmes north carolina');
| t                                          |
| my name is john holmes from north carolina |
| i'm from the north                         |
| in carolina is my home                     |
| did I mention my last name is holmes?      |
4 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Isn't that what you want?

---John Holmes...

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