On 12/11/03 12:24 -0600, Adam Williams wrote:
> So as you can see, its gonna need some work to make it do fulltext 
> searching of the descr field.  I'm not really sure how to make it do a 
> keyword search, either since "holmes*north*carolina" doesn't work 
> because it only searches  for those words in that order, if descr field 
> in the database contains "north carolina holmes" it won't return that 
> result, but I want it to because the person using the db is looking for 
> all the fields that contain holmes, north, and carolina.

On MySQL may be a query like this should do the trick...

select * from match_test where mytext like "%north%" and mytext like
"%holmes%" and mytext like "%carolina%";

An intersection of the results of independent matches, or simply put an
"and" logic. This query would be pretty slow on large databases I

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