I currently manage several websites that share the same code.
This code is included into many of the pages on every site.
I have duplicate copies of the code set up in each virtual host
Obviously this wastes space on my server and wastes my time having to
update them all.
I was looking for suggestions on the best way to be able to access these
php files through includes for each site.
A couple of the options that I have already looked into were-
I could put the code all into one directory for site A
and when I want to include these files I would have to include the full
path to the files
I really don't want to have to do this because I frequently move things
and I would have to change the path on each file.
either put these files into .:/usr/local/lib/php
create a directory called "inc" in /usr/local/apache 
and then add the following line to php.ini
include_path = ".:/usr/local/apache/inc "
I hope I made it clear what I want to accomplish.
If you could give your recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. 
Thanks in advance,


Mike Calvelage

Webmaster / Sales Associate

Viper Systems

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