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> > > create a directory called "inc" in /usr/local/apache
> > > and then add the following line to php.ini
> > > include_path = ".:/usr/local/apache/inc "
> > I'd use a method like this, although I'd probably just use an absolute
> > instead of adjusting the include_path.
> What's the benefit of using an absolute path?  If you did need to change
> include path, you'd only have to do it in one file.  Or am I
> what you are saying (likely)?

I don't think there's much of a benefit, really. I really don't like being
dependent upon php.ini changes (although you can change the include_path
with ini_set()).

Generally, the way I program is to have a variable in an include file that
determines the "include path", anyhow. So, if the program or these include
files move, I still only have to change it in one place (well, one place in
each program using the absolute path, I guess).

This all comes down to a matter of preference. Since all of the scripts are
on the same computer and you can change php.ini, the above method (yours) is
probably the easiest to use.

---John Holmes...

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