Hi, I've got questions:

I've got sqlite like PHP module (under windows). I tried this:
        a)execute script 1 (selecting from some table), it tooks 2 minutes
        b)execute script 2 , it tooks 3 minutes
        c)execute them both at the same time (from different browser windows), both
of them stopped also at the same time and       it tooks 5 minutes

I've tried another questions and both of the scripts allways stopped at the
same time with duration of he sum of the time fo each process separated.
This is not, of course, the behaviour I would expect... Is this some feature
of sqlite or an I doing something wrong??

I've also tried the same with MySql and the result should be like
1/ first script alone - 2 minutes
2/ second script alone - 3 minutes
3/ both of them at the same time - first took 3 minutes, second took 4


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