That's my code:
$res=sqlite_query($db,"select a.*,b.* from a left join b on
where like \"%1%\" or b.street like \"%1%\" order by cellphone");
echo sqlite_num_rows($res).CRLF;

It's realy just "benchmark" I've done. I'm pretty much aware of system
sqlite is useing to store the data, and I also find obvious that if it would
be runnig like web database module, users will ask the same table ata the
same time (like with other db system, they are looking at the same page) but
I find it not good, I was only asking if there is a "way to change it"

Bronislav Klucka

> > Is this some feature of sqlite or an I doing something wrong?
> Without seeing any code or being given any details, all I can make is an
> educated guess. SQLite uses the filesystem for storage. If your queries
> are needing to access the same file (maybe you're querying the same
> table), SQLite is going to serialize those queries to help you avoid
> threading problems. So, your queries are going to basically take turns.

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