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> Hi, I've got questions:

I only noticed one.

> I've got sqlite like PHP module (under windows). I tried this:
> a)execute script 1 (selecting from some table), it tooks 2 minutes
> b)execute script 2 , it tooks 3 minutes
> c)execute them both at the same time (from different browser
> windows), both of them stopped also at the same time and it tooks
> 5 minutes


> Is this some feature of sqlite or an I doing something wrong?

Without seeing any code or being given any details, all I can make is an
educated guess. SQLite uses the filesystem for storage. If your queries
are needing to access the same file (maybe you're querying the same
table), SQLite is going to serialize those queries to help you avoid
threading problems. So, your queries are going to basically take turns.

Hope that helps.


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