i had the same problem a while ago with japanese characters. are you using a
turkish OS or turkish application to insert your data?

for me, what happened was i was given a file from a colleague who was using
japanese OS and japanese version of excel. when he passed me the data, i
opened it in Win2000 english version and edited the data with Excel2000
english version. when i save the file in a .csv format, i think the japanese
characters got corrupted cos when i uploaded the file to PHPMyAdmin, i get
?????? instead of my jap characters. but when my colleague tried on his
machine with all the japanese settings, it worked well and good.. once the
data is inside, any one can read it with the characters .. reading has never
been a prob..

to what i experienced, the OS and the application may solve your prob.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] character problem with mssql

> Hi;
> I use php and mssql. I have got a character problem. I must use turkish
> chracters. When I select datas from database it works true and I can see
> turkish characters but when I want to insert new datas to database it set
> wrong character.
> For example "Şİ" characetrs look like "?" How can I solve this problem? My
> data type is char 100.
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