the problem is you use a different codepage for all those characters. If you use a char(100) in MSSQL it will be single byte and connected to a codepage used by this database. You than can only use chars that reside in this code page. This is true for MySQL as well. MSSQL has the nChar(100) column type wich is multibyte (Unicode utf-8 i believe). If you have some thing that submits a mulitbyte string to the database it should work. AFAIK you have to compile PHP with multibyte support and this might work. I normally use the method of avoiding those chars by converting them to ї translation so a browser can understand them even with a wrong codepage set. Formdata is normally converted by the browser regarding to the set codepage and it should submit those ї strings that you can enter in a database with no multibyte support.

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