opps! i didn't read your question properly! i'm so so sorry.. i have not
used mssql before, so many someone out there would be a better help to you..

by the way, your english is okay! i can understand it.. but i'm afraid i
can't be much of a help to you =(

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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] character problem with mssql

> Hi;
> First of all thanks for your concern. No I'm not use an turkish
> I write a program with php,phplib and my database must be mssql. Our
> webserver is linux. (Debian) When I connect to mssql and insert a data I
> haven't got any turkish chracter problem. I select them in my program and
> they seen normal. But when I want to add a record from my program with an
> insert centence it isn't add do database true. My turkish characetrs go to
> bad like ???. I look my sql centence with echo it likes
> INSERT INTO (Banks Bank-name, Used_limit) values ('İŞ BANKASI',123456);
> But in the database it add like '?? BANKASI'
> I hope I can explain my problem with my bad english :))
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> Sent: 04 Aralık 2003 Perşembe 03:22
> To: Gamze Başaran; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] character problem with mssql
> hi,
> i had the same problem a while ago with japanese characters. are you using
> turkish OS or turkish application to insert your data?
> for me, what happened was i was given a file from a colleague who was
> japanese OS and japanese version of excel. when he passed me the data, i
> opened it in Win2000 english version and edited the data with Excel2000
> english version. when i save the file in a .csv format, i think the
> characters got corrupted cos when i uploaded the file to PHPMyAdmin, i get
> ?????? instead of my jap characters. but when my colleague tried on his
> machine with all the japanese settings, it worked well and good.. once the
> data is inside, any one can read it with the characters .. reading has
> been a prob..
> to what i experienced, the OS and the application may solve your prob.
> hth
> hwee
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> From: "Gamze Başaran" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 9:38 PM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] character problem with mssql
> > Hi;
> >
> > I use php and mssql. I have got a character problem. I must use turkish
> > chracters. When I select datas from database it works true and I can see
> > turkish characters but when I want to insert new datas to database it
> > wrong character.
> >
> > For example "Şİ" characetrs look like "?" How can I solve this problem?
> > data type is char 100.
> >
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