Let's assume that we have an html page where we plant a call
to cookie registering php script. This is done by
the following html line which is placed on that page
we would like to have cookies stats for:

<img nocache border=0 width=2 height=1


Php cookie registering script has the following
cookie set operation:

setcookie("test", 1, time() + 3600, "/", "");

The problem is that when executing HTML above, everything
works fine as long as page and php script are on
the same domain

But as soon as page is for example www.pagedomain.com and
cookie script is still on www.cookiedomain.com
No cookies are set no more.

My  understanding is that with line
<img nocache border=0 width=2 height=1
we simply execute php script the same way as it would be typed
in url line and executed, why there's a difference?

Could you share with your experience and point out where
is the problem here. I tried different variations for
domain parameter in setcookie command but it didnt help

Is this construction usable in this case with different
domains at all?

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