On 12/14/2003 11:51 PM, Jerry wrote:
Php mail() question.

I use php mail() frequently, dragging data from a
mysql database.  I am not sure if this is possible but
thought I'd throw it on this board.

in php mail() function you can set a return_address
etc. Is it possible to change this and run a query? I mean if the email bounces can it somehow talk back
to php mail() and do a query rather than send it to
the return_address?

If you make the bounce address point to a POP3 mailbox, you have a platform independent solution to handle bounces. Then you just need to use some POP3 component like this to fetch and process the bounced messages once in a while, for instance starting a PHP script from a cron task. I do this all the time to handle bounces from newsletters that I send from my site.



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