On 12/15/2003 10:23 PM, Jerry wrote:
Thanks for that.  That's hitting the nail right on the

But I need a bit of PHP code to talk to mysql and only
read the "from" part of the email and use a query to
check the database if the entry is there.  If it is
than flag it, if not skip it and delete the email.

So would I need to edit the code to make the from
section a input form or can I somehow get a query to
get the from data from plain text?

All I want is the from address, the rest I don't
really need.


UPDATE users SET flag='y' WHERE email='$from_address';

Might even output something to make sure it was
sucessful or not.

What I need to know is how I get the from address?

That's tricky. What I do is to have a catch-all mailbox for my site domain. So, every message sent to a mailbox that does not really exist will be dropped in that catch-all mailbox.

When I send messages to each user, I make the return path address be set to something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] .

For instance, messages sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] by the PHP Classes site, will have the return path set to [EMAIL PROTECTED] .

Since these address really do not exist, they will be dropped in the catch-all mailbox for that domain. So, all I need to do is to run a script that polls the POP3 mailbox of my catch-all account and parse the To: address of the bounced messages to figure the subscriber address that is bouncing. Not all bounce message will have the To: address set correctly. The remaining message should be ignored.


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