Just to follow-up on this.  I knuckled down and did
some work regarding this thread.  What I achieved
makes things work a tad faster than previously however
it did not work out as I wanted entily but has
fastened the process somewhat but still have a
question regarding it.

I have managed to be able to flag accounts alot fast
now using test_pop3.php and including a text field to
enter a email address in and submit it to a tmp table
for later use.  That grab all emails out of the tmp
file and flag accounts.  Takes only about 5 seconds to
complete and flag.

However it's not what I had in mind.  I'd prefer it to
be automatic, without the need of me to input an
address to flag it.

I tried to inlcude a header in a textarea box but
can't seem to find the right bit of code to inlcude in
the value=' ' part of the form. :(  When I tried I
kept getting a 'Array' response in the box.

Here's some code:

 echo "<PRE>Message
1\n---Message headers starts below---</PRE>\n";



echo "<Form Action='pop_update.php' METHOD='POST'
echo "<input name='headers' type='text'>";
echo "<input name='submit' type='submit'
         echo "<PRE>---Message
headers ends above---\n---Message body starts


I have tried
value='HtmlSpecialChars($headers[$line])'> and
value='$headers'> But Array is the response in the

How do I list the headers that are ouputed in the page
into the text area also?

If I could achieve this I could than make things run
virtually automatic.  That's all I need to do now, the
rest I have managed to accomplish very nicely thanks
to some people.


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