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I've read several posts touching this subject, but I didn't find one that
asks a simple question I've been wondering about since I first used PHP and
that is also one of the two really really bad things about PHP (the other
being lack of OO):

PHP5 deals with this.

Yes, and also if you are using PHP5, you may want to consider using a new DB abstraction layer: Creole ( Creole is based on the API for JDBC. It currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server, and we have preliminary support for Oracle.

Distinctive features include:

* built for PHP5, uses new object model, Exceptions
* fully object-oriented API (ResultSet class, metadata classes)
* Very complete database metadata (table, full column info, pimary keys, foreign keys, indexes)
* Complex unified type system (based on JDBC Types)
* Simple, un-exceptional handling of LOBs
* type-specific methods handle any necessary conversions and escaping for inserting and retriving values.


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