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> Hi,
> I've read several posts touching this subject, but I didn't find one that
> asks a simple question I've been wondering about since I first used PHP and
> that is also one of the two really really bad things about PHP (the other
> being lack of OO):

PHP5 deals with this.

> Why isn't there a DB abstraction layer right in PHP, so people writing some
> web app for redistribution don't have to care about the different DBs
> themselves?


> Why is there no modularization in this area, such that it'd be the _normal_
> way not to write things like $dbh = ibase_pconnect( ... ), but $dbh =
> sql_connect( "Firebird", ... )

With PEAR::DB all you have to do is build a string like this:

$dsn = "pgsql://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/database_name";

And I will be running PostgreSQL so that later all I have to do is:

$db = DB::Connect($dsn);

$db->query("SELECT * FROM tabname");

> and that would internally check if a Firebird/InterBase driver is available
> and if so, use it.
> Surely there are some differences in SQL conformance and syntax extensions,
> but even that could be handled by such a layer to some extent.

See this:

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