I'm a cold fusion refugee and am having incredible problems with something
that I think is relatively easy -- so I must be missing something basic.

I would like to pull info from a query string and use it inside a database

I can pull the query string into a general variable:

<?php echo $section;  ?>

now I would like to use it in a SQL statement, or in 
if/else clauses to modifiy results from queries.

examples below:

USE query_string in SQL :


        function whatever(){

        $username = "";

        // setting the default variables


        [EMAIL PROTECTED]($hostname,$username,$password);
        $selection = mysql_query("
                                        SELECT *
                                        FROM classes
                                                classCategory = '$category'
                                        ORDER BY $reorder $order



The PHP SQL call below work nicely:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($selection)){

echo $row["sectionName"];


now I would like to do an if/else to modifiy it:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($selection)){

if (section == $sectionName){
        echo "<b>" . $row["sectionName"] . "</b>";
        echo $row["sectionName"];

Nothing is working. I must be missing something basic over here.

thx, Gil

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