Mignon Hunter wrote:
So it will be easier to use in my script on this page, where I'm creating several query strings with the data.

I understand it's easier to type $email vs. $_POST['email'] at first, but not once you get used to it. Both are variables that can be used in the same exact way, one just has some more typing.

All my opinion, of course, but it only serves to make your code more complex. If you only have 20 lines of code, then this isn't a big deal. However, if you have 1000s of lines of code and you're pulling everything out of $_POST into individual variables and using them all over the code, then how are people supposed to keep track of where everything is coming from? Not to mention, how would anyone else know if $email came from the user? is it safe to print? to put in a query? to put in an email? etc...

If you're the only one writing the code, then maybe this isn't a big deal. But hopefully you won't always be the only one writing the code.

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