As mentioned in my first email, PHP and myself think turning the global
var reg off is a good thing, especially for inexperienced coders and var

$email = $_POST['email'] makes a difference is you are dealing with an
application that was built during the 90% of PHP's lifetime where reg
global vars was turned on and you want to use that application with your
server where with 4.3.2 - it is turned off.

Basically $_POST['email'] is already referred to as $email in thousands
of lines of code and instead of trying to convert them (legacy
application), you just use the extract function.

Hope that is a bit clearer.

- Paul

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Paul Miller wrote:
> Also, many legacy applications use the non $_POST variable 
> definitions. A problem that I ran into.

So how is saying

$email = $_POST['email']

going to help you in that case??

---John Holmes...

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