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> When will people learn that attributes in HTML ,and *especially* in forms
> MUST BE QUOTED ! This will really really screw you up if you ever have to
> make an xhtml page (and you'll be back here again). Please please get into
> this practice, it will save you a lot of headaches even short term.
> So, change your line to
> <input name="link" id="link" type="text" cols="40"
> value="<?=$query_data[4]?>" />

And so you don't come back with problems/questions when $query_data[4] has
double quotes in it, you should do this:

> <input name="link" id="link" type="text" cols="40"
> value="<?=htmlentities($query_data[4],ENT_QUOTES)?>" />

If it hasn't been done to the data already.

---John Holmes...

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