You should use
set autocommit = 0;
start transaction ;
insert code;
delete code;
update code;
commit or rollback depending on the result;
To do all this I had to use InnoDB table types.
Sorry, my english is quite pour,
Best regards,
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Thanks guys, this is great info.
One last thought,
Suppose I have several DB transactions that I want to treat as 1 logical
transaction that I need to complete guarenteed.
For instance, an INSERT to one table, and a DELETE to another, and an UPDATE
to a third. All need to complete once a user selects submit.
What's the best approach to this scenario?
Thanks in advance for the help,
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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] apache/php/mysql - guarenteed DB transaction
Actually whether the script runs through to completion depends on the
'ignore_user_abort' setting.
wow, guess you learn something everyday.
wish I would have known about that when I wrote a php script with some
terrible (lots of joins, just poorly designed) queries that took down my
webserver :(
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