Ryan Jameson wrote:

I know this isn't technically DB related but this is the list that I
use. I'd just like to know if anyone else thinks the below statement is
accurate. If it is, why hasn't the mail function been modified in the
more recent builds? I've been using PHP since it was invented & never
had a problem with mail.

"Also note that your form page is currently using the PHP mail()
function, which doesn't work very well anymore.  You would be best
advised to use another solution (one example is PHPMailer -
http://phpmailer.sf.net/) for doing PHP script-based email delivery."

<>< Ryan

I have never had any major problems with mail() myself. People just use it incorrectly or don't configure correctly or don't create their e-mails correctly.

However, it *can* be hard to use, especially for multi-part e-mails and on Windows platforms.

If you're doing anything but sending a simple text message, I would highly recommend using a mailer package. The one I happen to like is a combination of PEAR's Mail and Mail_Mime.


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