Ryan Jameson wrote:

He says later in his email that:

"The reason I mention this is because any email delivery failures will
not be sent back to you, but to our servers (due to the way that PHP
writes the email headers when using the mail() command)."

... Is there a way to get the bounces to go to the reply to address?
I've never really cared to, but now that he mentions it ... It would be

<>< Ryan

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At 00:01 08-04-2004, Ryan Jameson (USA) wrote:

I know this isn't technically DB related but this is the list that I use. I'd just like to know if anyone else thinks the below statement is

accurate. If it is, why hasn't the mail function been modified in the more recent builds? I've been using PHP since it was invented & never had a problem with mail.

"Also note that your form page is currently using the PHP mail() function, which doesn't work very well anymore. You would be best advised to use another solution (one example is PHPMailer -
http://phpmailer.sf.net/) for doing PHP script-based email delivery."

Sounds alot more like advertising than sanity ... there's not much trickery in using the mail() function ... only if you want to attach files can it get a bit tricky (encoding the file and inserting the result), but in reality, there's not much in using that function properly ...


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Maybe add the appropriate header to the headers parameter? I'm using the mail() function and getting bounces just fine. Perhaps set up a mail alias/forwarding for the user that the script runs as?

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