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accurate. If it is, why hasn't the mail function been modified in the more recent builds? I've been using PHP since it was invented & never had a problem with mail.

"Also note that your form page is currently using the PHP mail() function, which doesn't work very well anymore. You would be best advised to use another solution (one example is PHPMailer - for doing PHP script-based email delivery."

Sounds alot more like advertising than sanity ... there's not much trickery in using the mail() function ... only if you want to attach files can it get a bit tricky (encoding the file and inserting the result), but in reality, there's not much in using that function properly ...

you'll find that phpmailer is a quite nice wrapper for the mail function - it presents 1 clear object interface and handles all the mundane tasks of CC, BCC, Attachments, Encoding, MIME etc. I have been using it for quite sometime now. just drop 2 files into your project include/class directory and your pretty much off using a simple Mailer object.

I think advertising is a bit harsh considering it free software. I usually interested in what people think are good tools/classes, even if its the writer (is that even the case here?). let the code speak for itself.

I didn't mean to say that phpmailer isn't useful, just that using mail() should work fine for simple mailing. I definately agree with using a library, be it phpmailer or PEAR::Mail for anything more than a simple message.

code re-use is good right? which is why ideas like PEAR a good for everyone. and in the interest of starting a flame war (which there seems to be a bit of going around lately) I'll say that IMO most of PEAR (incl. the core is bloatware) and that PHP5 will make alot of it redundant, they should tear down all but the package manager and a few the gems and start again.

Yes, code re-use is good. I won't get into the PEAR vs. other stuff argument again, I've done it too much lately. Just look for me and Manuel Lemos in the archives. ;-) I will say one thing: I like PEAR because it's all built around the same framework and everything has a similar interface to similar functionality. It has never felt like bloatware to me and never will, all of the given functionality is very useful.


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