First that was not only the first connection that sucks but all. Second, the holy solution to my problem was to move all to another server, with the exactly the same config (software but new hardware) and all is now fine. It is a very strange issue that I continu to try to understand. If I find the problem I will post the answer for sure !!

Phpdiscuss - Php Newsgroups And Mailing Lists wrote:
Hi Dez,

I think I got exactly the same problem. I have W2003 Advanced Server
running with IIS 6 and PHP 4.3.4. On a nother machine I have MySQL
4.1.0-alpha-nt. Now any connection from any other host in the network
(e.g. running phpMyAdmin) to the DB works just fine (hosts running IIS or
Apache). But from this one IIS server it takes about 7 seconds to come up
with the first connection. every other following connection in the same
script works just fine and fast. Except if I use the "new connection" flag
in the mysql_connect, then it takes 7 seconds per query.

This is almost driving me nuts, as I just don`t know where to look
anymore! Have you found a solution?

Drez wrote:

Hi all,
I recently change my apche, php mysql server for a better one. I installed all the same versions of software on the new server (except for php which was 4.36 RC2). I have apache 1.3 + mysql 3.23.58 + php 4.36. Im on a WinXp Pro os. I copy the exact config for the my.ini, httpd.conf and php.ini files. The result is unfortunatly a very slow application.
For exemple, it takes 5-10 secoonds to phpMyAdmin to load after the login, but when a do a big query, with the query interface, it clocks under 1 second.
I thought It was the php then, but a big while loop took not much time then normal to print out.
Then maybe the apache, but page containing only HTML print well.
I try to put a connection and disconnection in the While loop and it slow down all the process.
With this little test I thing that it come from MySql. I try some setting like "output_buffering" without result.
If someone can help me identify for sure the guilty process with some test a can't imagine myself....
Thanks, and sorry for my bad english I do my best!

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